Use & create interoperable applications on Junø.
A decentralized, public, permission-less network for cross-chain smart contracts.

50+ Dapps, Contracts, Tools and 2000+ DAOs built on Juno

Discover a wide variety of dapps, contracts, tools and DAOs built in the Junø ecosystem by developers and contributors from across the globe.

Hacks and

The Moneta Hacks are the largest incentivised smart contract challenges in the world.

Developers from across the world may deploy smart contracts onto the permission-less interoperable smart contract base layer called Junø.

Decentralized Finance
Decentralized Finance
AMM/DEX, Lending/Borrowing, Derivatives/Super Fluid Staking etc.
Metaverse - Creation of digital worlds, games and gamification.
Non Fungible Tokens
Non Fungible Tokens
Marketplaces, Inter NFT applications & inter-nft standard improvements.
Privacy preserving protocols on Junø.
Interoperable Smart Contracts - Home of CosmWasm

Interoperable Smart Contracts

Home of CosmWasm
Simple, secure and fast virtual machine set up to sandbox or partition your application’s actions for better testing, security, performance and speed.
Utilizing the Cosmos SDK & Tendermint Consensus to ensure high throughput and fast contract execution.
Low cost deployment up to 35000 times cheaper than gen 2 blockchain networks.
Deployment on Junø and interoperable with all networks in the cosmos ecosystem via IBC.
Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts
Code & deploy your contracts in multiple languages via the powerful CosmWasm Contract framework.
Staking Juno
Junø is a proof-of-stake blockchain which allows users to stake their funds, as staking rewards are distributed to stakers every block. At any time, stakers can claim their accumulated rewards via their wallet.
  • Secure the Network
  • Earn Staking Rewards
  • Govern the Network
Smart Contracts

Easy access to Decentralized Exchanges

Swap & LP your Juno on various Interchain DEXs.
Community Stakedrop:30.663.193 $JUNO
Smart Contract Challenges:2.373.341 $JUNO
Core Development Reserve:(Vested over 12 years, i.e. non-circulating):10.084.396 $JUNO
Community Pool:20.000.000 $JUNO
Core Team:(Vested over 12 years, i.e. non-circulating):1.782.312 $JUNO

Token Economics

Juno is a completely community owned and operated smart contract platform.

The majority of the genesis supply was stakedropped to atom holders, committed to the locked community pool, and allocated to the vested development reserve & smart contract Hacks.

  • No seed sale, no private sale, no public sale
  • Fairdrop / Stakedrop Genesis launch
  • Whalecap at 50k ATOM per address
  • Genesis supply to 46.000 unique atom stakers
  • Exchange validator exclusion
  • Exchange delegator exclusion