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Inside Scoop #19: Jacob Unveils Atlas App’s Future – Buy Raffle Tickets on Stargaze with Juno Token!

In this video, we sit down with Jacob to explore the Atlas app and its functionalities on the Stargaze network. Learn about the decentralized raffle and loan systems, and how you can buy raffle tickets using the Juno token.

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Check out this sneak peek as


joins us to break the news about what's cooking


Building on Juno for Next-Gen Protocols

Explore the transformative possibilities of building on Juno with Jake Hartnell. In this highlight, Jake shares why Juno is the prime destination for developers looking to launch innovative blockchain projects.

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Juno Communications Department is hiring!


has successfully upgraded to v22


is on the lookout for fresh talent in Blockchain Support roles!

Empowering Community Leadership:

Empowering Community Leadership: The Evolution of Juno Through Its Council-Led Approach

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The @JunoNetwork Dev Department & Dan from @Cosmology discussed revolutionary front-end tools

Abstract SDK is proposing to team up with $JUNO to create a central hub for builders.

They're exploring an #Interchain DEX & Money Market to energize the ecosystem.

Discover the ins and outs of minting and deploying tokens with $JUNO's Token Factory, and kickstart your project with a balanced token distribution strategy.

Seeking proposals to deploy a DEX

Meeting Minutes & Highlights #1 Operations Dept.

Juno v19 — Rhea

Rhea, the first Juno software upgrade of 2024, is coming to the mainnet! Packed with exciting features, this upgrade is a game-changer for Juno’s future.

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Update Detected!


Version 1.2.0 is up for testing.


Reece & Highlander Juno - v17 Upgrade Deep Dive

Join us as Reece, the lead developer of Juno, gives us an inside look into the latest v18 upgrade and what it means for the community and developers. 🚀

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Tune in to our Spotify podcast and listen back to the Twitter Space. Meet the nominees for the $JUNO Development Department.

Tune in to our Spotify podcast and listen back to the Juno Constitution Call. Meet the nominees for the $JUNO Operations Department.


Inside Scoop #18 - BetFi

Tune in to the latest episode of The Inside Scoop, brought to you by the Community Relations department, featuring an in-depth look at BetFi. BetFi has recently launched its protocol on the Juno testnet and is offering rewards to those who claim their token, used for gameplay. For more information, be sure to watch our video.

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Yieldmos's Juno Outpost

Inside Scoop #17" provides an update on Yieldmos, a project automating staking and reward management in the interchain ecosystem. It offers user-friendly features, customization, and emphasizes automation, making it a significant player in blockchain interoperability

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Juno Ethos and Values

The article discusses Juno blockchain's core principles of decentralization, open source development, and community involvement, emphasizing its potential as a platform for innovation despite the chal

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