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Juno: A DAO Network Managed by SubDAOs in Development, Operations, and Communication, Answerable to the Community. Follow the Council

Ecosystem Updates

Calling dApp devs across the Interchain! Join us to brainstorm use cases for the newly integrated AOS from


We'll have builders on the call discovering more about Andromeda OS and ADOs

More insights from @AndromedaProt

on the $JUNO community call ADOs are like Lego blocks for developers. Create modular pieces and earn as others use them! Imagine integrating @StargazeZone

NFT tech stacks into your @JunoNetwork

dApps. Andromeda AOS integration could be this week Future NFT apps on Juno?

Exciting news! We have integrated aOS with @JunoNetwork empowering developers with powerful tools to build decentralized applications Easier, Better, Faster. Read our full partnership announcement here:


Juno Community Call #29

This call highlighted the collaborative spirit and forward-thinking approach of the Juno community. The integration of Andromeda OS is a significant step towards making Web3 development more accessible and efficient.

Juno CommunicationsJuno Communications

Last night's Twitter Space with




future. "We need a clear direction" profit or something else.

Jake draft a blogpost on reflections on the Juno Charter.

Proposal to end the Juno Charter and return Juno tokens to community pool

$JUNO Council Meetings will be available on our YouTube channel! Here is the latest from May 16th, 2024:


Inside Scoop #20 - TFM - Juno

TFM's growth and new functionalities IBC transfer and swap capabilities Integration with platforms like Stargaze

Juno CommunicationsJuno Communications

Inside Scoop #19: Jacob Unveils Atlas App’s Future – Buy Raffle Tickets on Stargaze with Juno Token!

In this video, we sit down with Jacob to explore the Atlas app and its functionalities on the Stargaze network. Learn about the decentralized raffle and loan systems, and how you can buy raffle tickets using the Juno token.

Juno CommunicationsJuno Communications

Check out this sneak peek as


joins us to break the news about what's cooking


Building on Juno for Next-Gen Protocols

Explore the transformative possibilities of building on Juno with Jake Hartnell. In this highlight, Jake shares why Juno is the prime destination for developers looking to launch innovative blockchain projects.

Juno CommunicationsJuno Communications

Juno Communications Department is hiring!


has successfully upgraded to v22


is on the lookout for fresh talent in Blockchain Support roles!

Empowering Community Leadership:

Empowering Community Leadership: The Evolution of Juno Through Its Council-Led Approach

Juno NetworkJunø ⚵

The @JunoNetwork Dev Department & Dan from @Cosmology discussed revolutionary front-end tools

Abstract SDK is proposing to team up with $JUNO to create a central hub for builders.

They're exploring an #Interchain DEX & Money Market to energize the ecosystem.

Discover the ins and outs of minting and deploying tokens with $JUNO's Token Factory, and kickstart your project with a balanced token distribution strategy.

Seeking proposals to deploy a DEX

The gateway to app chains

The foundation for Interchain projects

Native interoperability, dynamic transaction fees, community-centric growth, and pioneering multi-chain smart contract deployments

Spearheading CosmWasm Innovations

Juno is at the forefront of smart contract innovation, powered by the cutting-edge CosmWasm platform.

Token Factory

Real interchain tokens.

Built-In Social Operating System

Communities are the most important part of interchain projects. DAO DAO is tightly built into Juno's infrastructure and communities so projects can not only build but thrive using DAO DAOs social infrastructure to improve and grow.

100% Community Owned

Juno grew out of the community which is especially important for a smart contract foundation.
In contrast to most other Interchain projects Juno received no VC funding.

Smooth Cross-Chain Interactions

Juno is built on the Cosmos SDK, ensuring a solid foundation for developers and users alike.

Rewarding Developers

Developers earn a portion of the gas fees generated by their contracts, making it easier for them to monetize their work.

Supercharged Performance

Leveraging infrastructure efficiency, Juno revamps its performance with faster block times for a notable developer and user experience.

Based on the Cosmos SDK

Powered by the Cosmos SDK, ensuring fast and efficient performance for developers and users.

DeFi & NFTs in it’s DNA

Built with DeFi and NFTs in mind, making it the perfect platform for developers looking to build in these exciting spaces.


With its ease of development and secure coding environment, Juno is the ideal platform for developers of all skill levels.

Fast and Flexible Upgrades

Designed for fast and flexible upgrades, making it easy for developers to keep up with the latest innovations.


Juno is owned and controlled by the community through a staking mechanism


Juno is part of the Mesh Alliance, aiming for reinforced blockchain protection.

The community

Juno is run by the people

Accountability by design

Juno received 0% venture capital and is solely accountable to the community, ensuring an unwavering commitment to the values and vision we share.

Read the charter proposal
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Welcome home

Participate and make Juno more of what it is

Whether you're a developer, validator, or simply a blockchain enthusiast, there's room for you to contribute to Juno. Your ideas, code, or time can all help create a network that's more efficient, more robust, and more community-driven.

  1. Share ideas

    Your ideas hold the power to refine and transform Juno. Share your thoughts and drive innovation.

  2. Participate

    Join a Juno Sub-DAO, contribute to discussions and decision-making.
    Your voice matters.

  3. Build

    Combine Juno's cutting edge tech with it's community tooling to build and grow your interchain project.

Juno Core software

Development Pipeline

CW Hooks

Subscribe your smart contract to on-chain events, automatic various tasks.


Allows contract developers to pre-pay for the transaction fees of their users, improving user experience.

Juno Charter

Implement the new organizational structure proposed by the community.

Improve Nakamoto Coefficient

Make the chain voting power distribution more decentralized.

Lower unbonding period

Use solutions like Babylon to reduce the unbonding period and give the token more flexibility.

Mesh Security

Mesh Security lets different blockchains protect each other, providing users with safer transactions and a more secure network by sharing their security strengths.

Cross-Chain Contracts

Enable the building of cross-chain smart contracts powered by CosmWasm and IBC, deployable permissionlessly by any developer.


Smart contract can automatic execute operations, without the need to be triggered by an external source or transactions. Gated trough governance.


Enable one-line distribute token feature to developers, simplifying airdrops and rewards sharing to JUNO holders.

Token Factory

Easily create new native tokens that can benefit from all the IBC features out of the box.


Earn when your contract gets popular, by receiving a customizable percentage of the transaction fees.

DAO Toolings

Use DAODAO to easily deploy and manage the DAO for your project. Built in voting system, and interchain accounts.